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Mamma Sandy Recipes are a chosen collection of ethnic and favorite, mouth-watering recipes that work for everyday cooking and baking. The recipes include over 50 years of European family/friends hand downs, hard to find and straight from the source. Most recipes are quick, easy and delicious. The ingredients in this collection are the key to the fantastic taste!

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Each nation has its own life, its own customs, holidays, songs and folk tales. Namely, differences between people form national cultures. Each nation has its favorite dishes and table customs inherited from forebears. National cuisine depends on the traditional way of life and on which products were more available to the people in the period of its formation.

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This is the ONLY COOKBOOK you'll ever need! My collection of recipes will win you over so that you will find yourself using it over and over. I'm giving you recipes that have been handed down to me by my European family and friends. Only other ethnic persons may know about the ethnic dishes I have here. But, you don't have to be ethnic to try it. I have also gathered my favorite American recipes and created some of my own (Tomato Sauce, Stuffing, Eggplant Lasagna, Hamburg/Meatball mixture). Mostly all types of recipes are quick and easy. Just click one of the links in your Mamma Sandy Recipes eBook and discover how tasty your meal will be.

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Mamma Sandy

Note: This is not a hard cover book that is sent to you by mail. This is a complete book sent to you as an online download that is stored on your computer for easy access. See Download Details.

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